Empowering Change

Market Research is about empowering managers to make bold marketing decisions with confidence. Not being tied to what things have been and assuming history will repeat itself, but identifying what can be.

Modern marketing demands a holistic approach leading to action. Holistic in that it integrates insights and data, behaviors and emotions. Not one magic data source, methodology, but truly integrated insights that can support decision making.

Leveraging the passion and commitment of an experienced team of marketers & researchers, Crestwood is committed to earning the right to be called a partner, not merely another research vendor.

About Crestwood

The 30+ years of Crestwood success has been tied to our model of combining marketing and market research professionals into a cohesive team. Leveraging the best of both disciplines, clients can expect roadmaps for success consistent with their business models.

Crestwood was started in 1987 as a marketing consulting organization. Primary market research was required to provide the insights needed for innovative recommendations; clients appreciated the fresh approach to market research, especially in the design and analysis that led to stronger and more actionable insights and recommendations. Responding to customer demand, Crestwood Associates was established as a separate entity which eventually surpassed the original the consulting practice.

Currently, Crestwood serves the entire US, with more than half the business in the eastern US.

Our Services

Crestwood offers a full range of marketing research services designed for your specific needs and in a wide variety of research categories and industries. We serve our clients to fulfill their immediate as well as ongoing research requirements.

Our core competencies are in four market research specialties:

Segmentation & Personas

Marketing is about people. We approach segmentation as more than simply developing groups, but people with needs, wants and personalities. We work to make sure that every segmentation is usable right away and tells a customer journey that makes sense and clearly lays out how each segment can be addressed. To make the segments actionable, they are further developed into Personas, which can be tied to business metrics for integration into marketing plans.

Business Assesment & Tracking

Tracking studies are the best way to understand how markets are changing and the brand's evolution. Tracking studies are used by many organizations as a tool to create companywide consensus. We believe that while tracking studies have a dual need to tie to business metrics and while revealing reveal market gaps, opportunities, and emerging threats. Our tracking reports go beyond simply reporting metrics to providing market information and trends.

Positioning & Messaging

Understanding exactly where your brand fits into its category and the leverageable strengths is essential for refining and moving your brand forward. To do this we look not only at what the target audience says, but also look at what they actually do, in total and relative to competition. Emotional connections are also included in helping define the value proposition and opportunities to create the strongest brand connection.

New Products

Rolling out a new product requires answering some big questions. How will the market respond? Can repeat be expected? What is the short and longer term business potential? Using simulation techniques such as conjoint and discrete choice to understand where the product may fit in and how to optimize the offering, Crestwood insights will help develop the roadmap. Large numbers of simulations are performed as well as interactive tools are provided to to understand the most likely outcomes and business options.

Our Clients

Some key clients that Crestwood has served over the past several years with related experience, typically with multiple engagements have included:

Our Team

Edgar Kully

Ed, is a nationally known market researcher, strategist and frequent public speaker on strategic marketing initiatives. As a self-confessed "recovering brand manager," Ed's career experience has included brand marketing, new products, mergers and acquisitions with market leaders such as Illinois Bell, Coca-Cola and Brown & Williamson. In 1994, the independent consulting firm Ed launched in 1987 became Crestwood Associates. His credits include over $500 million in new product launches as well as several turnarounds and successful new channel initiatives.

Ed holds a Bachelor of Science from Western Michigan University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing and Finance from Northwestern University.

Dustin Cannon
Chief Scientist

Dustin is a 20+ year research professional responsible for planning,coordinating and executing complex research to solve marketing issues. Deep experience with multivariate analysis such as discrete choice, conjoint, regression, TURF, Price Sensitivity Meter, segmentation, factor analysis and discriminant analysis as applied to primarily research to draw conclusions that can improve business performance.

Dustin has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of North Texas in Denton, TX.

Brenda Costa
Research Analyst

Brenda has a deep understanding of both business-to-consumer and business-to-business market research. Brenda has experience in a wide range of industries including construction, education, travel/tourism, apparel, HBA, gaming and advertising. Prior experience includes expanding of a Mexican Marketing Research firm in the US. Her expertise includes segmentation & persona development, feasibility studies, branding strategies, quantitative research & data analysis, and qualitative research & focus group moderation.

Brenda holds a BS in Marketing from Universidad Mondragon Mexico, and a Marketing Research certification from the University of Georgia.

Jeff Rea
Senior Associate

Jeff’s professional career has focused on consumer marketing and innovation with leading companies including Frito-Lay, Miller Brewing Company, Whirlpool Corporation and Starbucks Coffee. In addition to consumer marketing management roles, Jeff has started and led innovation organizations responsible for identifying emerging consume needs, identification of white space opportunities and development and commercialization of new products and new ventures.

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